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  • Debbie Raikes-May
    Heart problems can exacerbate many symptoms as the body is weaker than usual. Antibiotics can screw up the tummy...........will he lap a little natural yogurt?
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2003
      Heart problems can exacerbate many symptoms as the body is weaker than usual.
      Antibiotics can screw up the tummy...........will he lap a little natural yogurt?
      Your second vet sounds good..........when are you going back?
      If he does have an enlarged heart it will be what has caused it that will determine what drugs and direction the care they give him takes.
      I will keep my fingers crossed for you
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      I am just worried about my little boy carl. I posted a message earlier that he
      might have an enlarged heart. I am still waiting to hear the results from carl's
      xrays from a specialist which my vet gave them to for looking at. Here is my
      post I left on a differnt board and I wonder if these things could be indicative of
      a heart problem:

      Kitty Carl just is not feeling good. We have been through: a shot of penicillin
      and two antibiotic perscriptions for URI. He has been doing alot better but
      than he came down with a watery eye which did not go away in a few days.
      He went to the vet and now we are doing eye medication twice a day. (no
      ulcer in the eye, just irritated i guess). He also has had a bit of direaha. (not
      completely runny but not compact... he has eaten and continues to eat fancy
      feast and purina pro plan kitten food). He has not thrown up until tonight. After
      running around he puked just a little (the size of 25c quarter) of his dinner he
      ate a couple hours prior. (not the whole dinner, just a tiny little bit). Carl just
      saw the vet today for his eye. He did not have a fever. He does have to wear a
      silly plate around his head to prevent him from rubbing his eye. It is definately
      not so comfortable and i think the cause for the puke (given it was very small
      amount right after play). Carl was pretty tired today after the visit to the vet. He
      did play when he got home, but after that it was eat and sleep all day. He did
      get up to eat both of his meals and finished but most of the day was spent
      sleeping. He is still gaining weight. He has gained sinsce seeing the vet on
      monday ( today is saturday) another 1-1/2oz. He is sleeping more than
      normal with short but very active spells of play etc. in between. I have not
      heard back on Carls xrays for a possible enlarged heart yet. Should Carl be
      feeling like this? He seems to just be under the weather for about a month
      now. Different ailments. Does URI just have an evil lingering effect? Carl still
      plays, eats, drinks and uses the litter box in a normal fashion. He just can't
      seem to feel up to par. He is going to a second vet already (who I feel very
      confident in as she seems to take all the right steps I can see). Today she
      perscribed an ointment for his eye but did not want to perscribe another
      antibiotic. She wanted to see if the eye would heal first with just the ointment
      given that Carl did not have a fever. She is also awaiting the answers to Carls
      heart xrays from a specialist. I dont know if I should seek other alternative ie
      the emergency vet specialists who are very expensive... i do not mind
      spending the money if I have too... Carl's condition does not seem critical but I
      do not want to sit around while or if it progresses. it just seems that once one
      problem gets better and another arises. Should I call about puke... even in just
      a tiny amount or wait and see if it goes away?
      Poor little kitty Carl.... He just wants to feel good, be happy, and kick lenny's
      Could all of these symptoms combined indicate anything? Does anyone know
      if a heart problem could such continued symptoms or allow URI to hang
      around longer?
      Thanks so much for answering my questions!
      Nicole - happy mom of Carl and Lenny

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