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RE: [FH] enlarged heart with hyperthyroidism

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  • Wathey, Lisa
    I had so hoped that my angel Gable s enlarged heart was as a result of hyperthyroidism because it *is* potentially reversible. I turned out it wasn t for my
    Message 1 of 6 , May 5, 2003
      I had so hoped that my angel Gable's enlarged heart was as a result of hyperthyroidism because it *is* potentially reversible. I turned out it wasn't for my baby but it's actually "good" news as far as an enlarged heart goes. I am sure the cardiologist will recommend the best medicine for Teddy to treat it - I had read about great results with the use of digoxin(sp?). Good luck to you and Teddy!

      Lisa, Barney and Angel Gable
      Gable, 8-year old black and white tuxedo, domestic shorthair, 16 lbs., died of heart failure from HCM. Failure induced by fluid therapy for bladder stones. Precious child of love and light, I miss you with all of my heart and soul.

      Barney, 8-year old white and brown tabby, domestic shorthair, 16 lbs., echocardiogram for HCM inconclusive, ranged from normal to abnormal.

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      Hi All,
      I just learned about this list through the Feline Hyper-T list, and
      hoped that someone here might also have some experience to share.

      My 16-yo cat, Teddy was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in February.
      After determining that he can't tolerate tapazole, we're going for
      the radio-iodine therapy first thing Monday morning.

      In preparation, we had a chest x-ray taken today, and found that his
      heart is significantly enlarged. Has anyone had this situation with
      their kitty?

      I'm specifically wondering if the heard condition sometimes reverses
      after they hyperthyroidism (commonly the cause of heart disease) is
      addressed? Are there medications prescribed for the heart condition
      that allow for some reasonable quality of life?

      Thanks and blessings,

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