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  • Debbie Raikes-May
    Good evening Tiger! I have a boyfriend!! I have a toyboy!! I am very excited! Only Sister really got the chance before we were operated on and I never had
    Message 1 of 2 , May 4, 2003
      Good evening Tiger!
      I have a boyfriend!! I have a toyboy!! I am very excited! Only Sister really 'got the chance' before we were operated on and I never had even a sniff of a boycat before!! Just my like you are in Canada but....a girl can dream!
      Thank you for all the fine tricks you told me about. Ha Ha!
      I love the litter tray one!!! I shall try that! Even more ha ha!

      I have had fish, chicken, beef and prawns for my food today! I get room service if I am not around for a meal (!!!) and handfed if I look sleepy and don't want to lap.(For 'don't want to' read 'can't be bothered'!)
      They fuss if I sleep, fuss if I don't sleep. Fuss when I play, fuss when I don't.
      I tell you Tiger old boy! I am a very confused girl sometimes!

      Mum was sad tonight because I don't do 'high fives' with her anymore which used to be my favourite thing. If I try it hurts so I don't do it. I don't like seeing her upset so I will have to think of something else which she will like.

      Well, it is nearly bedtime here so another dose of medicine coming up I expect.
      I will hopefully see you in my dreams, you handsome ginger boy you....Mum is sending YOUR Mum some pix of me in the mail so you can stick them on the fridge.

      Good night sweet Tiger!
      Your Treaclexxxx
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      From: WENDY LAMB
      To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, May 04, 2003 6:04 PM
      Subject: Re: [FH] DEAR WENDY AND TIGER

      Good Morning Treacle,

      I enjoyed your letter very much. Sounds like you have a very exciting life. I, on the other hand, have to watch the birdies through a screen window. Very insulting. I know I could polish them off, given the chance. Mom did take me out into the yard a few days ago. She is such a worry wart. Watched me like a hawk and just when things started to get really fun, she caught (trapped) me behind some bushes and took me inside. How totally humiliating. I will try again to sneak out the door when someone isn't paying enough attention.

      I will give you some pointers on stealing the milk. You wait until it is poured and they turn their backs. Then you stick your paw into the glass and pull. Works every time! By the way, this will work for other beverages, but milk is my favorite. There is stuff they put in glasses that they call water. You want to avoid this at all costs. Not only is it wet and doesn't taste good, it isn't nearly as irritating to Mom, when she cleans up!

      I have to tell you that my Mom gets very excited over my poo, too!I feel this is very sad. Only when they are what she calls "loggers". This is terribly humiliating. I do admit that I have had my share of running to the toilet, so the "loggers" are a lot better. I could use a bit more privacy, though. Even my sister cats leave me alone at these moments.

      Now, for the highlight of my day. I woke up this morning feeling very good. Mom had worried because I slept a lot the last few days and I was getting tired of her checking on me. I figured if I played a lot that would help. Funny thing is, she was worried about that, too. You just can't please 'em. Anyway, my human sisters and I have a great game they call "soccer". I lie in my new and very cool tunnel. They roll my favorite balls in and I am the goalie. I have to stop the ball and bat it back to them. We played this a long time. I won, of course. Then I ran all around in celebration, batting that ball till it disappeared under the counter. Mom was glad that is was gone and I lay down. You just can't please her.

      Well, if you need any more naughty tricks, let me know. Oh... I know one I forgot to mention. When Mom is leaning over cleaning out my litter box, I run up behind and jump on her back. I spread out and make myself comfortable. It gives a good view of the work being done in my honor. This is one of my favorite spots. Problem is, Mom's shoulder and back must be getting smaller, there is just less room than there used to be. So, you see, Treacle, life is busy on this side of the ocean, too. Let me know anymore annoying tricks to pull on sisters. I have 3 of them. What a bunch of wimps! They actually follow the rules!!

      Your Tiger
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      From: Debbie Raikes-May
      Sent: Sunday, May 04, 2003 5:26 AM
      To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: [FH] DEAR WENDY AND TIGER

      Dear Tiger
      Good morning to you. I am sleeping outside today so dictating this letter to my Mum in between sneezes , snoozes and bite noises at the pesky birds!
      I have been poorly as you know this week. Never knew I could be quite so sick! Respect to me! Good news is I got some of it over Sister - haha!

      And...I also nipped her tail again this morning when she stupidly swished it near my face....even more hah ha!

      I tried to swipe some milk last night as you told me it was one of your fave tricks. But I was stopped from this and GIVEN it instead! So of course, I walked off and left it on purpose! Stealing is half the fun, isn't it! Doh! Don't those humans know that by now!!

      It is very hot here today (for Wales!) so later I might be given a teeny bit of vanilla ice-cream. I like that VERY much. Mum makes good ice cream. I expect Sister will want some too though I don't see why she should. I am the poorly one after all!

      I give little coughs from time to time...just to convey a sense of delicacy and a hint of consumption...it always brings 'em running!!!

      I also did the most MASSIVE poo this morning!! I was most impressed with myself! It seemed a real pity to cover it up before everyone had admired it...and anyway...I didn't have the paw power left to dig enough earth without hiring a JCB! so I stood by it and purred a bit till Mummy and Dad came out and I walked around it. admiring it from every angle.

      They didn't say much! Just stood there with their mouths open! I think they were pretty awed by it and as they like modern art...perhaps they were thinking of making it a 'garden feature'. They like statues and models. And here I was...with my first Exhibition. A proud moment.

      I felt very satisfied and went off into the bushes to recover from my exertions. So you can imagine, I was pretty upset to see Dad come out with a shovel and take my masterpiece away!!!.

      But then I thought 'Hoorah! He has CLEARLY found a buyer already'.!!!!

      So you see Tiger...there is plenty I can still do!.
      How many cats find they have a talent for art this late in the day??
      So now I am going to work on some more 'sculptures'. There is a bare bit of lawn just crying out for decoration!
      Have a lovely Sunday, Tiger and if your Mom ever wants a nice present for the mantelpiece...or a feature for the hall... let me know and I will get MY Mum to mail over a 'Treacle original
      Much love

      Debbie Raikes-May
      Clock Consultancy Ltd

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