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  • Christine Hughes
    Hi Debbie, Do I have a strict vetting procedure? Are you joking? Guess.....LOL! Yes! The first thing is how they approach me - what have you got and how
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2003
      Hi Debbie,

      Do I have a strict vetting procedure? Are you joking? Guess.....LOL! Yes! The first thing is how they approach me - 'what have you got and how much' doesn't warrant a reply other than nothing and too expensive, but if the e-mail or phone call is a good start, then I go on to 'it's got to be an indoor cat - if this isn't what you want then I can put you on to someone else' - I reckon by saying this they are likely to be honest, and it has worked - I've passed about a dozen enquirers on to other breeders who aren't quite as fussy as I am, and then I go on to 'will this be the only cat or are there other animals, cats or dogs, for companions if everyone is out at work all day.....' and that's just the beginning. I had a couple from Edinburgh phone for a kitten, and they are such a lovely couple, it's given me real encouragement to keep going, in the face of the sadness of the past couple of weeks. I'm so pleased that one of my boys are going to them. They were so concerned and caring about Ceilidh too, which was nice.

      Yes, little Ceilidh (I KEEP spelling her name as 'Ceiligh' rather than 'dh' at the end, because it's pronounced 'Cayley' so I keep thinking it must be 'gh'!) is doing well. She'd not gained weight today, but at lunchtime had a little more baby food than previously, so I do hope that tomorrow she might have gained a little bit. Yes, she is with us for the rest of her life. I've decided I want to keep her brother, who looks like her twin, too (much to my husbands objections...) but he's a lovely boy, and will always remind me of her. I may even show him - he's a beautiful brown Tonkinese with a tonkinese coat pattern.

      We're in Lincolnshire - Sleaford. Quite a way from Norfolk - probably a couple of hours, I'd guess. Did you realise we were that far up in the country? You would be welcome though, if you felt like a visit!

      Yes, I just read about Kippurr being in bed - liked that! And the liver on the saucer!LOL!

      We've just made a start on their new aerobic centre - I'll try posting a picture if I can manage it - have never attempted it before!LOL! It's got lots to be done still - three beds (two on scratch posts), a carpeted ramp, a carpeted half tunnel and all sorts, but hopefully it won't take too long to finish. Lucy just had to sit in it straight away.....

      Yes, it's a wonderful day here too - Derek's just suggested we take Amber, the puppy, out for a walk (we still have to carry her because she's not covered on her jabs yet), but hope you all have a lovely afternoon and of course, enjoy tomorrow if it's a bank holiday for you!

      Love Chris
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      From: Debbie Raikes-May
      To: feline-heart@yahoogroups.com
      Sent: Sunday, May 04, 2003 1:46 PM
      Subject: [FH] Attn Chris

      Dear Chris
      I LOVED your account of how you got into the kitten breeding thing. I have always wanted to do this as it seems so rewarding and Ireally like your philosophy of keeping the queens if they can't have kits.

      How do you manage in letting the kits go to good homes? Do you have a strict vetting procedure?
      I am so hoping your little kitten gets to eight weeks. She sounds like SUCH a little fighter.
      Of course, I imagine you would not be selling her on but keeping her as a pet when she 'makes it'. Crafty kitty probably knows that as well.

      I sometimes have to come to Norfolk...perhaps three times a year to see a particular client. Maybe if it coincides with a day you are around I could drop in and see your little beauties.
      I laughed at the lady in the supermarket as well. It happened to me once when I was baying calves liver and I was asked 'How are you going to serve this' and I said 'On a saucer'!
      I think they thought 'Poor Ben'!!

      Hope it is as sunny with you as it is here today...just lovely. T is outside trying to tan in her white bits and Kippurr is still in bed!!! Claims she needs her beauty sleep!
      Much love and thanks again for this week-

      Debbie Raikes-May
      Clock Consultancy Ltd

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