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Re: [FH] Spikey's morning

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  • Debbie Raikes-May
    I LOVE this account of Spikeys morning, Barbara - it felt like we were right there! I have to tell you...I have now gone right off a person I considered a
    Message 1 of 9 , May 4, 2003
      I LOVE this account of Spikeys morning, Barbara - it felt like we were right there!
      I have to tell you...I have now gone right off a person I considered a close friend. She had two old cats...18...Fitou and Thomas. Fitou got very sick and Anita had her pts....then Thomas got sick and they didn't even take him to the vet. Her husband who has a zoology degree said 'when a cat gets sick and old nature takes care of it'. Thomas was left to stay outside(he didn't want to come in and just stayed in the bushes, no food etc until he died three days later.
      She has been one of my best friends for years and the way I feel now I could barely be civil to her. Outrageous.
      They have two young children and seemed to lose all interest in the cats once they had their adopted daughter and then - natural son.

      Treacle today is outside on her favourite pillow which I out in the doorway for her so she can come in and out as she pleases...catflap a bit much for her sore front legs to manage to push.
      Our gardener is working today on the lawns and she can watch him from her vantage point, still be 'a presence's to deter the ferals and watch 'cat t.v' which is on Sky :) ....many birds overhead so plenty to swear at!

      She seems very frail after the trauma she had this week and has lost some of the precious weight I managed ti get back on her which is a pity. However, she is eating again and the Cardio vet rang me to see how she is...perhaps he isn't such a bad stick after all. He said if her tooth is really hurting her, he is prepared to twilight sedate her and remove it...also there is some new stuff (from the States...take a bow, guys!) that can be painted onto the tooth and will cover the exposed root so the nerve doesn't cause pain. He has had a lot of success with this in dogs and cats and it is especially good as the animal requires no anaesthetic. Has anyone heard of this?
      We have arranged he will rescan Treacle again in two weeks. It does make me smile when he says this as it sounds as if he is looking for her barcode!

      I have her on Aconite at present when she needs it and that seems very helpful in terms of deadening the pain.

      Kippurr....well! What a piece of work. Here it is midday already and the little madam is still in our bed, claiming that as it is a Sunday she need not get up for work! She will have to get up though when I change the bedlinen. I am not sleeping on her generous donations of claws and whiskers again tonight. Uck!

      So....will tune in at 7pm and this week I will sort out how we could have a telephone meeting perhaps once a month to all interested parties. It is actually cheaper if I set it up from the UK and then you each get a code to dial in and join the call. That way each of us is only charged at local rates which is very cheap, rather than interntaional rates. Ben does this all the time for work (he works for Motorola) so he is going to show me what to do.
      I would need advance notive of two days from each of you if you want to be in on the call.
      Hope you all wake up to a good Sunday.
      Much love and purring
      Debbie, Treacle and Kippurrrrxxxx
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      From: barbara
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      Subject: [FH] Spikey's morning

      Must tell you guys about Spikey this morning. I opened the front door for our early morning walk in the front yard and he ran, yes ran, out the door, tail held at 3/4 mast, not quite all the way up, but close. He trotted up to the first group of monkey grass and gummed a couple of blades, licked a few and trotted off into the freshly rained grass, lifting his feet high like a little show horse. Suddenly, he saw a bird and Spikey the not old at all, did a little tail twitch and charged at the bird. Of course he didn't get it but that didn't deter him, he then stalked a fallen leaf and killed it right there, with great pride. He turned and looked up the length of the great pine tree as if to say, "if I wanted to do it, I could climb this" His blue eyes were actually gleaming. Slowly, he wound down, finally just sitting and staring at the door, a hundred miles away by that time. His breathing was a little more strained by then, the breaths a little shallow. I gently picked his old body up and he didn't even fuss at me. We walked back inside and as I set him on the floor, he took one long look back out at the birds and tree and all that wet grass and headed back to his breakfast. What a beautiful morning this has been. Barbara and the KittyBabies

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