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RE: [feline-heart] Oliver is fading...and it's not his heart

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  • Jonathan Rosenberg
    ... Is a vet visit considered a heroic measure ? ... No one here can tell you how to make the tradeoff between two seriously ill lives that are precious to
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 8, 2000
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      > Subject: [feline-heart] Oliver is fading...and it's not his heart

      > Ollie's timing is impeccable, as usual. Last year he was
      > diagnosed with HCM with congestive heart failure two weeks
      > before we left for vacation, and ended up perking up 45
      > minutes before his euthanasia appointment.

      > He's eaten hardly anything for the last three days, so
      > since I was off today, I took him to the vet. This after
      > discussing his condition with my husband and we decided we
      > were not going to go to any heroic measures with
      > him. Hubby's going to be pissed that I took him.

      Is a vet visit considered a "heroic measure"?

      > The vet took an X-ray, and while he's going to have
      > a radiologist look at it, Ollie's stomach looked to be
      > completely covering his liver -- or else
      > his liver is enlarged. His spleen may be enlarged as well.

      > He's lost a half-pound just since last Saturday, and I
      > can't get anything into him at all -- I bought low-salt
      > deli turkey and roast beef; he won't
      > eat that. I even bought sardines and he won't eat that. If he
      > won't eat, there's not much we can do. I will not force-feed him.

      > Here's my problem: I have a stepfather who's dying of
      > cancer (so much death right now -- my sister, who's going
      > with me, had to have her 14-1/2 year old
      > Golden Retriever put down last Saturday) up in Maine, and
      > I'm going up there, with my sister, next Thursday through Sunday.
      > My husband will be staying home. Should I cancel? It doesn't
      > seem fair to leave him home to potentially deal with this alone,
      > and yet, I don't know how long my stepdad
      > has, and it will cost me $$$ to cancel the trip.

      No one here can tell you how to make the tradeoff between two seriously ill
      lives that are precious to you. You need to make that decision yourself.
      But as far as leaving your husband with Oliver, are you sure that he (your
      husband) would mind? Especially given the circumstances.

      > But there's more. On Tuesday the 19th, I start a new job., so taking
      > "bereavement days" if we lose Ollie is out of the question.

      I wouldn't look this far ahead, just that. If it comes down to it, you'll
      need to take the days off wothout pay or just gut it out & go to work. It's
      not pretty, but you have other things on your agenda right now.

      > Jill

      & Tabby (RB), Lynx (RB), Licorice, Tigger
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