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  • Laura Penny
    We should all be so lucky as to be reincarnated into cats with caregivers like us. Laura ... From: brunobaby To:
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 4, 2000
      We should all be so lucky as to be reincarnated into cats with caregivers
      like us.


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      Date: Sunday, December 03, 2000 9:29 PM
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      >>Your letter also made me realise that *if only* we'd known what
      >>Muggley's problem was earlier, we could have done more to help him.
      >Carina, your letter reminds me that we've been very, very lucky with
      >Of course, it's hard to remember how lucky we feel when we've been
      >praying for a good EKG and when he acts like his meds are some alien
      >substance we're trying to poison him with.
      >We've been lucky to have vets who specialize in cats, and who don't
      >dismiss my claims of Pongo looking "off" but who take the owner's word
      >for it and know what to look for.
      >And it's so tough to judge a cat's health because they hide their
      >symptoms so well. God only knows how long Pongo's heart had been giving
      >him problems before we began to suspect something was "off" -- could
      >have been months!
      >A friend of mine had even less warning. Her 14-year-old cat presented no
      >symptoms other than lack of appetite one morning, which she chalked up
      >to the heat wave, and she came home from work to find the cat stone cold
      >dead on the floor.
      >I've seen Cardiomyopathy referred to as the major cause of sudden death
      >in cats.
      >That's not a comforting thought, and makes you want to constantly
      >monitor their sleeping respiration to make sure they still *have*
      >respiration. Which can seriously deprive you of a life, since cats seem
      >to spend so much of their time sleeping at any age. <G>
      >And when I torture myself over whether or not I'm doing enough for
      >Pongo, whether I should have suspected something sooner, what else can I
      >do for him, make him bionic? I have to remind myself that I've given my
      >cats a lot of doting care all their lives, that nothing could have
      >protected them from the maladies of old age, and that all in all,
      >they've had a better life than most animals on this earth, and even a
      >lot of people.
      >I hope that's some kind of comfort for you, and I hope your other cats
      >are doing well.
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