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Poor Muggley didn't stand a chance

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  • Carina Norris
    I ve just had a call from my vet s surgery, saying they ve received the full report from the consultants that Muggley went to see. My poor baby didn t stand a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2000
      I've just had a call from my vet's surgery, saying they've received
      the full report from the consultants that Muggley went to see.

      My poor baby didn't stand a chance. It makes me wish I could say to
      him "why didn't you *tell* me?". But of course, our babies are far too
      brave for that. When a kitty finally gives you that look that means
      "Mum - I don't feel well!" you know it's serious :-(

      The Echocardiography showed tissue 'of unknown origin' spanning the
      whole of his left ventricle, which had forced the rest of his heart
      to, over the years, throw itself into contortions in an attempt to
      compensate. It didn't even look like a heart on the ultrasound scan.

      The ECG trace showed an average of 90 'proper' beats per minute, with
      second degree AV block (I know AV = atrioventricular, but I'm not
      quite sure what this *is*), and irregularly regular ventricular

      His lungs had been damaged by the chronic breathing difficulties, and
      he'd been suffering from metabolic acidosis for some time, because of
      the increased blood CO2, and decreased oxygen.

      And on top of that, the ultrasound revealed *possible KIDNEY DISEASE*.

      His poor little body was falling apart, and he never once complained,
      or even got grouchy, even though he must have been so uncomfortable.

      In a way, it reassures me that I did the right thing, when he was put
      to sleep. His pain would have got so much worse.

      It doesn't make the pain go away - but it helps me to try to forgive

      Love, hugs and purrs
      Carina, Mr Jones, Siri, Spesh, Psyche - and *BRAVE* Angel Muggley
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