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  • Melinda Bruno
    ... Yeah, same with Pongo. That s why the wacky EKG came as such a shock - - he s been looking so good! Is Oliver being given aspirin? We gave it to Pongo for
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 28, 2000
      Jill wrote:

      > Oliver is hanging on. He has good days and bad days, and the bad
      >days seem to have nothing to do with his heart condition,
      >but rather, with an upset stomach.

      Yeah, same with Pongo. That's why the wacky EKG came as such a shock -
      - he's been looking so good!

      Is Oliver being given aspirin? We gave it to Pongo for the first
      couple of months after his dx, but it made him nauseous and he looked
      like he was going to kick off any minute -- the meds, in this case,
      were worse than the disease. So the vet said we could stop. This was
      before his left atrium was affected, so there wasn't as big a risk of
      a clot, but he's still gotten more quality of life with the risk than
      he would have with the aspirin.

      >Then the next day, he's up in the bedroom at 3 AM knocking things
      >down to get me up because he's hungry.

      Yep, separated at birth. <G>

      >I differ from many of you in that my husband and I have decided that
      >we are not going to do any kind of very aggressive treatment
      >with him.

      Depends on what you mean by aggressive. Changing meds is common with
      heart patients, both animal and human. I've also upped Pongo's Co-
      Q10, because, as the vet said, it can't hurt and it may help.

      If the Inderal slows his heart and he spends more time sleeping, I'll
      have to judge him by his "awake" time. His twin Phoebe has been
      sleeping a lot lately, and she checked out okay at the vet except for
      needing to have her Tapezole increased slightly.

      The other stuff -- surgery, intensive care -- that's dicey, and I'd
      have to trust my gut instinct if it got to that point between those
      options and having him PTS.

      Like you said, the last year has been a gift. Years ago, there
      wouldn't have been such vet care, and the ability to communicate with
      so many people whose pets have the same problems. And I'm not ready
      to throw in the towel yet with Pongo, because he could keep steady
      for a while. Just crossing my fingers for Saturday.

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