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Pebbles' checkup

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  • Voula Augerinos
    Hi everyone, Pebbles had another checkup and blood test today to check her kidney function after being on the propranolol (Inderal) for six weeks. We did a
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 28, 2000
      Hi everyone,
      Pebbles' had another checkup and blood test today to check her kidney
      function after being on the propranolol (Inderal) for six weeks. We did a
      kidney function test two weeks after starting the Inderal and now six weeks
      after starting, and both times her kidney function tests showed no change
      in BUN and creatinine, which is good news. Her kidney disease remains
      Her teeth weren't the best and in need of a clean, but the vet did not
      want to risk anaesthesia. He gave them a bit of a clean, and gave us the
      Hills tooth diet dry food to hopefully help a bit. He said they weren't
      really bad, but ideally they could do with a proper clean. When she was
      munching on raw chicken wings her teeth were much improved, but she has
      gotten bored with them lately.
      He recommended we also add some milk thistle herb for her liver. We go
      back in six weeks for another ultrasound of the heart and checkup.
      From a Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective, her tongue diagnosis
      showed less internal heat since increasing the Xiao Yao San herbs for her
      congested liver chi (related to her hyperthyroidism). She is drinking less
      water and seems more settled.
      We reassess again in six weeks, and if her heart doesn't show
      improvement on the ultrasound we look at a small dose of neo-mercazole
      (Australian equivalent of Tapazole).
      I asked about how bad her heart problems are and he said the
      specialist told him they were mild, and surprising since she has had
      hyperthyroidism for such a long time. He feels the chinese herbs have
      helped to lessen the heart disease. I hope so.
      I have also started Pebbles (a few weeks ago) on Co-enzyme Q10, which
      has been shown to help heart disease in people, and Vitamin E which is also
      thought to help in people to help thin the blood and lessen chance of blood
      With the summer coming I am concerned that her hyperthyroidism may
      flare up more, as it seems to in the hotter weather. We are taking a
      conservative approach in western medical terms. The specialist felt it wise
      to let her body adjust to the Inderal and then look at Neo-Mercazol, as
      Pebbles has had these problems for a long time and therefore too much
      change may cause problems.
      The specialist has a very good reputation and I feel okay with his
      recommendations. I still worry about her thyroid not being controlled
      enough, but after increasing the chinese herbs, the T4 almost halved from
      150 to 80, and her symptoms of howling and restlessness have improved.
      However, I know T4 can swing a lot naturally.
      In any case, it was good news about Pebbles' kidneys. And after my
      loss of Sachie, I need good news.

      Love, Voula and Pebbles and Lucy and my Beautiful Angel Sachie.

      (Sachie's tribute page, and photos of Sachie and Pebbles.)
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