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Thanks for your help about Muggley

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  • Carina Norris
    Hi everyone, and thank you soooo much for your advice and kind words. I ll try to answer everyone s questions... ... Muggley s complicated case, but I do find
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24 2:23 AM
      Hi everyone, and thank you soooo much for your advice and kind words.

      I'll try to answer everyone's questions...

      >I don't profess to know too much about heart disease, particularly
      Muggley's complicated case, but I do find it a little strange that the
      vets don't want to treat *any* of Muggley's conditions. I accept it is
      a balancing act, but if Muggley is not acting too well, I would have
      thought maybe the stage has been reached to start treating
      *something*. If they really think his
      prognosis might be as short as two weeks, just when do they plan to
      treating him exactly?

      I must admit that I thought it was strange that his heart was so bad
      and he wasn't getting any treatment for it. I think the problem is
      that his lungs are *so* bad, they're more of a danger than the heart.
      The vets did mention that, if his breathing stabilises, and *then* I
      notice, say, that he's getting fluid on his lungs due to heart
      failure, there *are* things they can give (though I would have thought
      that by the time things are *that* bad, there wouldn't be much they
      could do).

      They seem to be scared to treat him because it might tip him over the
      edge - I think they just want to give him as much time at home with me
      as possible. I asked whether he'd need to eat one of special 'heart
      diets' from now on, and they said no - they're not very palatable, and
      he probably wouldn't eat them. They said let him eat whatever he
      wants, however unhealthy it is. That made me think that he really
      can't have much time left.

      And I'll check out your website - thanks!

      Re the Baytril - that's because they suspected that he might have a
      pretty serious bacterial infection in his lungs, and they knew he
      wouldn't have a chance if they didn't blitz it. He's on a low dose (I
      think) - 25mg twice daily, but he'll be on it for the rest of his

      Re the Prednisolone [Jonathan and Cynthia, I think?] - that's in case
      there's an inflammatory/asthmatic component to his breathing problems.
      He was diagnosed with feline asthma a few years ago. We're not sure
      whether that was a misdiagnosis, or whether it was brought on by the
      heart defect.

      As for getting him to take the Bricanyl syrup, and the Panacur
      suspension - it's a nightmare - I don't think I got *any* into him
      this morning, and it stresses him, which worries me. He won't swallow,
      and just sits there with strings of drool and medicine hanging out of
      his mouth - poor thing, it's awful to see. He has to take 3ml of the
      syrup each dose, which I think is too much to put into a gel capsule.
      I'm going to phone my local vet to see whether either of the meds are
      available in tablet form, but I'm not very hopeful.

      >I don't know about all the conditions you listed but recognize some.
      kitty Lucie had HCM (hypertropic cardiomyopathy/enlarged left
      high blood pressure and plural effusion when she was diagnosed with
      disease (in addition to the chronic kidney failure). She was put on
      Diltiazem which made her into a new cat. It lowered the blood
      pressure and
      stopped the progress of the hcm. She initially got lasix to clear the
      effusion. I found that Dandelion extract was helpful to prevent
      of the fluid build up over a period of several months. During her
      month, she got Spironolactone which is a gentle diuretic. She lived 7
      with hcm and advanced crf.

      Anyes -
      Thanks for your comments about heart drugs. I noticed from Muggley's
      report that he had slight effusion, but they seem to be less worried
      about that than his lungs. I'm going to talk to my local vet today
      about heart drugs.

      Thanks for all your help, everyone, I'll keep you posted

      Love, hugs and purrs
      Carina and Muggley
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