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Re: Teeth cleaning and enalapril question

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  • paula_ps2002
    My cat Oscar has heavy placque, but I m extremely nervous about teeth cleaning under anaesthetic. For sore gums CoQ10 is excellent - I use a liquid as he
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 3, 2003
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      My cat Oscar has heavy placque, but I'm extremely nervous about teeth
      cleaning under anaesthetic. For sore gums CoQ10 is excellent - I use
      a liquid as he hates the capsules containing oil - and it's also
      thought to be good for the heart. I give 10mg a day - 10 drops mixed
      into his food. Since I started this he has no more soreness/redness
      on his gums.

      I'm just trying Fragaria (homeopathic treatment) which is thought to
      break down placque, but too early to say whether it's effective as it
      takes at least 30 days. It's apparantly made from the wild
      strawberry and is safe for cats with heart problems. Anything's
      worth a try. I also use a slightly abrasive cat toothpaste once a
      week, and am hoping this will lead to a breakdown of the placque.

      Incidentally the vet feels it's worth the risk to do the dental work,
      but then Oscar's not his cat.......

      Good luck

      Paula and Oscar

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, tori <tw@o...> wrote:
      > Hi everyone. Now that a few have brought up teeth cleaning I
      thought I'd
      > chime in since jcee's are very bad as well but my vet seemed to
      think that
      > the stress of cleaning (not to mention the anesthesia) would not be
      > the gain since he won't have a "normal" lifespan anyway, it sounded
      like I'd
      > just be cleaning his teeth and getting them healthy while hastening
      > death with the medications and stress. He doesn't have bad breath,
      just alot
      > of placque and no matter what kind of crunchy treats I give him I
      > manage to chip the plaque off.
      > It used to be (in my parent's day of course) that cat's survived
      long lives
      > without any dental care at all. I'm just hoping that even despite a
      > teeth cleaning my darling will still be able to live out what would
      > normal for him anyway. If any of you find an in-home procedure or
      say a cat
      > mouthwash that would be good for the gums I'd love to hear it!
      > On another note, jcee seems to be developing some sort of reaction
      to his
      > daily dose of enalapril. Over the past week he has thrown it up ever
      > morning. I'll pill him as is our routine, and then about 5 mins
      later (when
      > I would guess the pill would start to take effect) up it comes
      along with
      > the rest of his breakfast. I feel so bad for him. He still has an
      > but is loosing interest in the special heart brand of food I've
      been feeding
      > him for a looong time. Does anyone else experience this?
      > Oh, and finally, what are the other generic names/or alternates for
      > Sorry for all the questions....today is one of those days.
      > ::tori
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