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  • Debbie Raikes-May
    Poor Alfredo but lucky as well to have you. Treacle, our 15 year old went from a stage 1 to a stage 4 murmur in a week. It was very fast indeed. I don t
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      Poor Alfredo but lucky as well to have you.

      Treacle, our 15 year old went from a stage 1 to a stage 4 murmur in a week. It was very fast indeed.

      I don't understand why your vet said he shouldn't be sedated for an X ray. In my view, having x rays helped our cardio assess what was the state of her heart. It allowed a much more accurate diagnosis. Yes, she was sedated and wasn't keen but that against beng treated for high blood pressure (which was actually very low after all the blood pressure drugs) when it was found it was an enlarged left ventricle..well, I'd take that choice again so it may be worth findning out why she is against sedation.

      There could be many reasons for the heart murmur...primary (ie born with it and developing with age) or secondary...developed as a result of thyroid hyperactivity for instance.

      The more they can test, the nearer they will be able to pinpoint the root cause.

      Good luck with the vets as it is a scary time. Treacle only had hers done last Friday.

      Let us know how you go.
      Debbie, Treacle and Kippurrr
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      While taking Alfredo for acupuncture I found out he had a heart
      murmur. The first week it was a stage 1, something I'm generally not
      too concerned about. However, last week, (one month later) she said
      it was a stage 2 with an arrhthmia as well. The holisitic vet said I
      need to bring him in for and echocardiogram, and EKG. She said I may
      want to forego and xray since he wiggles too much and shouldn't be
      sedated. She also said he may wiggle too much for the other tests
      (you should see our acupuncture sessions!).

      I live in the Bronx and will be taking him to a decent hospital in
      Yonkers with good imagery facilities and technicians (I need to have
      an appt with a regular vet there before scheduling any tests).
      Alfredo was stolen from a depressing situation of rural poverty. He
      was the only friendly cat in the midst of 20. He is very sweet but
      because he is deaf (white, blue-eyed) he can't be settled down at all
      when he's anxious. I was taking him for acupuncture for a chronic
      URI which he's had since I found him. He's under 2 years old.

      I'm trying to educate myself by reading the posts. I'm taking him to
      the vet on Wednesday morning and want to be prepared. If anyone has
      any advice I would be interested.


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