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  • smoot smith
    Apr 9, 2000
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      Hi everyone,

      I have been lurking on the list for a few days now. This is the second
      intro i`ve typed,no idea what became of the first one...

      On March 22 our vet discovered an irregular heartbeat on Iggy, who is 13
      y/o, in early stages of CRF and has been stable for 15 months without
      At this time, Iggy is still undergoing various tests to determine the
      cause. Last week he had full urine/blood pannels,T-4(withing range)
      BP(withing range) EKG sent to Cardiopet(which confirmed the irregular
      heart beat).

      Next week he is scheduled for a TCO2,an ultrasound and cardio consult.
      Please wish us good luck, while i`ve accepted the CRF and while Iggy is
      doing very well on that front, the heart problem has me very worried.

      Our vet wants Iggy to begin taking a potassium supplement(tumil-k),and i
      have misgivings about it. While it will help with the depletion in
      excess urination, i wonder about the effect of potassium on the heart
      muscle, although i`ve also read that a low potassium value can lead to
      irregular heart beat. Iggy`s potassium values are right in mid-range.
      Any thoughts?

      From what i understand at this point(which is, i`ll concede, minute) an
      irregular heart beat has to do with the valves and or electrical input
      more than with the heart itself...no?

      Is there a relationship between subq`s fluids and the onset of heart
      disease in an animal who is..succeptible?
      I`m asking this because the nite before the irregular heart beat was
      heard, Iggy has been given fluids by an emergency clinic vet.(Poor guy
      was stressed out as he saw my bags and plane ticket by the front door
      and began to vomit)

      Thanks for the list!
      I`ll appreciate any input you have..any valiums you can spare:)

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