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  • barb1622000 <bemk@softhome.net>
    Mar 1, 2003
      I LOVE reading stories like yours! Looks like Oz has a long healthy
      happy life ahead of him. My cat Boy had (has?) HCM and his heart is
      normal- sized now, at least per a good cardiologist. She could find
      nothing wrong with the operation of his heart three weeks ago. ---
      In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, elanonuevo@a... wrote:
      > Karla, I've been following Munger's story and am happy to read that
      you'll be
      > coming back on Tuesday. I know that your Mom is taking excellent
      care of
      > Munger so that isn't my concern <g>. My heart goes out to YOU
      having to be
      > away from him all of this week!
      > I was glad to read that you decided to force feed and look into
      getting him
      > sub-q's.
      > Three vets advised me to put my Oz to sleep last March 17th when he
      > congestive heart failure. The cardiologist diagnosed hypertrophic
      CM and
      > didn't recommend PTS but did tell me his heart was severely
      enlarged and the
      > prognosis wasn't good since he was so young (only a year at the
      time). But
      > this list spurred me on with all of their wealth of knowledge.
      There are
      > many cats and owners on here that have lived for years with this!
      > Thank goodness for the internet!
      > We just had a repeat echo in October and the vet couldn't believe
      that Oz was
      > the same cat! His heart has shrunk! Oz's one year anniversary is
      coming up,
      > and he's two years old now!
      > Tia
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