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9361Re: hi i am new to this

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  • peteycat9 <Maxicat92@aol.com>
    Feb 2, 2003
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      Dear friend,
      Welcome to the board. No doubt, you will find alot of good info
      from others here about heart and other related conditions. I too
      have heard about white cats(if Cotton is indeed white!) having that
      predisposition to blindness. I also agree that diabetis, even if
      it's well controlled, can cause blindness in people so it's possible
      in Cotton's case.
      Do mention the sneezing to your vet. Cats (and people) can have
      allergic reactions to aspirin, which can be serious. The most
      dangerous reaction would be an asthma attack. So the sneezing is
      deffinity worth watching. Good luck.

      --- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, "jebroussard
      <jebroussard@y...>" <jebroussard@y...> wrote:
      > my cat(cotton) 14yrs old has resently gone blind. they though it
      > could be high blood pressure. but i had that check and it was not
      > high. but they found that she does have an enlarged heart. but
      > not sure why she is blind. she has been a dietbetic most of her
      > her sister died last sept. 2002 . she has an appt. feb. 13 to get
      > eyes check with a spealist. they have started her on atenolol 25mg,
      > she only to get 1/2 a pill a day. also they want me to give her
      > childrens asprin every three days. this morning she had a will bad
      > attach of the sneezes/cough. does this mean anything. no one has
      > really discussed what i am to watch out for. i know what to doe
      > her dietbeties. they also did blood work on her and every thing
      > back good. thyroid , kidney with good.
      > thanks for letting me vent
      > i hate not knowing what to do.
      > cotton's mom
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