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9359hi i am new to this

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  • jebroussard <jebroussard@yahoo.com>
    Feb 2, 2003
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      my cat(cotton) 14yrs old has resently gone blind. they though it
      could be high blood pressure. but i had that check and it was not
      high. but they found that she does have an enlarged heart. but still
      not sure why she is blind. she has been a dietbetic most of her life.
      her sister died last sept. 2002 . she has an appt. feb. 13 to get her
      eyes check with a spealist. they have started her on atenolol 25mg,
      she only to get 1/2 a pill a day. also they want me to give her
      childrens asprin every three days. this morning she had a will bad
      attach of the sneezes/cough. does this mean anything. no one has
      really discussed what i am to watch out for. i know what to doe with
      her dietbeties. they also did blood work on her and every thing came
      back good. thyroid , kidney with good.

      thanks for letting me vent
      i hate not knowing what to do.
      cotton's mom
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