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  • Mike & Linda Irrgang (Now in Jamaica!)
    Nov 6, 2000
      there are other alternative meds, propranolol isn't the only medications
      that can help pebbles and right now it doesn't sound like it's helping her
      much anyway.....how are you with your vet? It doesn't sound to me like she's
      concerned aabout pebbles in the right way....she should be helping you look
      for alternatives if the current methods aren't working out....You are also
      right to be concerned about her affectively bec if she starts to perceive
      you as a threat that's not going to help her onto the road of recovery...all
      the contrary....I thinkyou should consider getting another professional
      opinion. Trusst your instincts; if you are feeling that this isn't working
      for pebbles the way you would like it to, then you are probably right....if
      it were me, I'd go get another opinion right away.

      Hang in there!

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      From: Voula Augerinos [mailto:catwoman1@...]
      Sent: Monday, November 06, 2000 9:15 AM
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      Subject: [feline-heart] Pilling

      Hi everyone,
      today I have had trouble giving Pebbles her medication (propranolol).
      She frothed at the mouth (the specialist said this could happen because the
      pill tastes terrible), and then vomited (bile this morning) and some liquid
      tonight about a minute after I gave her the pill. I noticed a bit of the
      pill came out. I am a bit worried because she may not have got all the
      medicine. I rang the vet this morning after it happened this morning and
      she said not to worry, just give her her nightly dose. But the same
      happened tonight. I read that beta blockers should not be stopped suddenly,
      so if she didn't get her proper dose I am worried.
      I am also concerned about her emotional state. She has been through a
      lot with the loss of Sachie and with the arrival of Lucy. She is hiding
      under the bed a lot. And she hasn't been eating quite as much as normal.
      Has anyone noticed effects on appetite with beta blockers? Or could it be
      the stress of the past months? The vet said we could reduce the dose to one
      time a day from twice a day if it seems that the propranolol is affecting
      Pebbles' appetite.
      She hates the tablets so much she is now refusing her herbal pills.
      Perhaps I could wrap the propranolol in a bit of cheese? Any other handy
      I don't want the treatments to stress her out so much that her quality
      of life is being affected. It is upsetting me that she is hiding under the
      bed, though she will come out when I go to bed and cuddle up to me.

      Love, Voula and Pebbles and Lucy and my Beautiful Angel Sachie.

      (Sachie's tribute page, and photos of Sachie and Pebbles.)

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