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889Pebbles' blood test results

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  • Voula Augerinos
    Nov 2 10:31 PM
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      Hi everyone,
      I just got Pebbles' blood test results for her kidneys and T4 test.
      We started the propranolol two weeks ago, and so far good news, no
      negative effect on Pebbles' kidneys. Her BUN is down a bit, as is her
      creatinine, which is good, though the vet said, essentially there is no
      change. Which is good, that her kidney levels haven't increased. Her T4 is
      down to 80 from 150 (Australian norms 20-45). So it is still raised, but as
      we are not using thyroid drugs at the moment, I expected it to be raised.
      Pebbles' blood pressure is okay too. The beta blocker hasn't lowered
      her blood pressure which is good, because Pebbles' blood pressure was
      normal before we started the beta blocker.
      The vet recommended a follow up in four weeks, then six weeks after
      that, to do another evaluation with ultrasound check of Pebbles' heart
      again, to see if the propranolol has had any positive effect on her heart.
      If not, we will look at starting low dose of neo-mercazol for her thyroid,
      and continuing the chinese herbs as a support for Pebbles' kidneys and
      Any thoughts or suggestions welcome.
      Love, Voula and Pebbles and Lucy and my Beautiful Angel Sachie.