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886Re: [feline-heart] My Experience w/ Propanolol, Atenolol, & Diltiazem

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  • Voula Augerinos
    Nov 1 5:35 PM
      Hi Joe,
      thank you for your message. I think I read somewhere that beta
      blockers should be used with caution in CHF (congestive heart failure). I
      will look at the site and write again. I think it said that they can worsen
      heart failure.

      > My feelings are that if your cat has not been in CHF then the beta
      > blockers (Propanolol/Atenolol) can keep HCM in check but if your cat
      > has had CHF episode, then a calcium channel blocker(Diltiazem) is the
      > better choice.

      Pebbles has not been in CHF.

      > Diltiazem also has some anti-clotting properties which
      > is good thing, while the beta blockers can restrict blood vessels
      > which is a bad thing if clot is thrown.

      That is interesting. I will look into this and ask the vet.

      > I will have to say that beta
      > blockers (Propanolol and to a lesser extent Atenolol) are much better
      > at treating arrhythmia which is a major cause of clot formation.

      For Pebbles the specialist said he wanted to lower her heart rate and
      hopefully that would help the heart.
      I am still learning about heart disease in cats. I don't know very
      much so I am sorry if I can't explain myself too well.

      Love, Voula and Pebbles and Lucy and my Beautiful Angel Sachie.
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