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8840first bloodwork check

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  • trishchic2002 <trishchic2002@yahoo.com>
    Jan 3, 2003
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      Well Sinbad had his first bloodwork recheck yesterday. He was not a
      happy camper either. Bless his heart (literally!), he has so many
      shaved places on him right now he looks like he has mange! On the
      bright side, my regular vet did say that his heart sounded better and
      his heart rate was about 130, that was even after they ticked him off
      by taking his blood. So I am pretty happy about that. But, he has
      lost from 13.8 lbs to 13.4 lbs in just 2 weeks, despite the fact that
      he has been eating pretty well. Has anyone else's kitties done
      this? Also, he seems not to be sleeping. He's not restless - he'll
      just lie down and stay there - awake. I worry about him not
      sleeping. Of course, I'm probably driving him crazy checking on him
      all the time :) - my vet told me to chill out and leave him alone.
      She's lucky that I like her! I'll get the bloodwork results today -
      a little worried about that, but we'll just see.

      Does anyone else notice that their cats' activity level has dropped
      after starting medication? Sinbad's definitely has. And he is still
      very touchy with my youngest cat, Simba. Hates him with a passion.

      Keep your fingers crossed for me and Bad-bad on his bloodwork

      Z - I am so sorry for your loss. you're in our thoughts.

      Trish and Sinbad
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