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8839Re: [FH] Meatloaf position

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  • diane
    Jan 3, 2003
      Before the net, I always believed a meatloaf position meant a happy
      cat. Although maybe it still does providing they are tucked in nice
      and tight?

      When Tim's first cat developed a tumor in her chest and had fluid in
      her lungs, she could no longer curl up in her tight little ball.

      All of our cats at one time or another will sit in the meatloaf
      position, usually with a very content look on their faces. :)


      >This makes sense to me. I have another cat that does not like Gizmo,
      >and frequently hisses at him. He's probably on gaurd because of her.
      >It sounds to me that this is not a position related only to HCM
      >kitties, and perhaps Gizmo's HCM has nothing to do with his sitting
      >this way?
      >Thanks Lynnie
      >--- In feline-heart@yahoogroups.com, Lynnie Henderson
      ><TheLinster@s...> wrote:
      >> That's it. I call it "being in a ball." In my experience, it
      >indicates that
      >> the kit is not completely comfortable with what's going on. I
      >always just
      >> pay some extra attention and tell the kit that everything is okay.
      >> after a few seconds of love, the kit will relax. It's not a thing
      >to be
      >> upset about - the kitty just doesn't know what's next so is ready
      >to leave
      >> quickly if necessary.
      >> Lynnie
      >> > Gizmo lays alot on his stomach, head up straight and front and
      >> > legs tucked in. Is that the meatloaf position. Is this cause for
      > > > concern?
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