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8811Worldwide: Certified veterinary cardiologists

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  • N. J. LionStorm <JoyOfSiamese@cs.com>
    Jan 1, 2003
      Gentle folk,

      Here is the list of vet cardiologists certified by The European
      Collage of Veterinary Medicine.


      May the Creator/Creatress watch over you and your magnificent

      Nancy LionStorm, and:
      Confidence-on-a-Rainy-Day (17 yr. old Domestic Short Hair tabby w/CRF)
      Lucky-To-Be-Alive (12 yr. old black Oriental Short Hair mix)
      Fortune-Silver-Cloud (6 yr. old silver Domestic Short Hair)
      Samantha-Joy-Queen-of-Heaven (11 mo. old tabby & white Domestic Long
      Hair w/HCM)
      Cassandra-Soothsayer-Mystic-Seeress (8 mo. old blue point Balinese)
      And in memory of the angel cats:
      The-General-Chauncey-Beardsly-Peddleton-the-Third (2-4 yr., d.
      10/17/1986, Tongue Cancer. Orange Tabby DSH)
      History-Repeats-Herself (16 yr., d. 4/10/2001, CRF, black DSH)
      Jasmin-Pretty-Cat-Calico-Persian-Extraordinaire (15 yr., d.
      1/21/2002, HyperT, IBD, HCM)