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8480Re: Chief's heart update

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  • Sally J.Smith
    Dec 3, 2002
      Muffin's vet uses ONLY gas...it is much easier to control the level of
      "knock-out"...not sure how to say this in techno-speak...

      she said that she can use a stronger flow to put them under, then once
      down, can alter the flow to keep them just under enough for whatever
      proceedure she is doing. She also always works with an assistant who
      is always monitoring BP and O2 and other vitals. Also, once she is
      done, the gas is turned off and the gas starts clearing the
      bloodstream VERY quickly...the animal wakes up much more quickly and
      is much less groggy...usually recovery is complete in about 6
      hours..at least it was for Muffin.

      Teeth cleaning is especially important for heart patients, apparently.
      There was even a recent human study that found a link between dental
      hygene and heart conditions...apparently either the bacteria itself or
      the toxins they exude are harder on cardiac patients' immune

      One positive note...CoQ10, which is beneficial for heart health is
      also great support for gum health...which is where I think they first
      started noticing the link between teeth and heart health.

      Go for the gas if you have any concerns...also, you might find a
      dental vet in your area...a specialist...they are out there.

      Good luck and keep us posted!


      --- In feline-heart@y..., Lynnie Henderson <TheLinster@s...> wrote:
      > Ask your vet about putting Chief under with gas. We did that with my
      kit -
      > apparently it's not as hard on the heart
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