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8283Re: [FH] Hello all... cat just diagnosed...

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  • fewtch
    Nov 11, 2002
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      Hi Diane,

      You may be right, although Penelope has always been such a friendly
      and outgoing cat that I don't think I'm projecting in this case.
      Before she got sick, she would fight so hard to get onto my lap that
      several times, cups of tea were spilled in the process :-). I don't
      remember her ever going under the bed before and just squatting there
      for a couple hours.

      Anyway, the past 24-36 hours she's been doing very well, in my
      opinion. It seems the atenolol has helped her a lot, although I can
      still hear "wheezy" breathing (almost like a moaning sound) when my
      ear is up close to her whiskers.

      Take Care,


      --- In feline-heart@y..., diane <diane@m...> wrote:
      > Tim,
      > Even my healthy cats get in moods where they don't want to be
      > bothered. Drives me nuts esp after I've gone through one with CRF.
      > have to keep telling myself that I shouldn't read into things too
      > much!
      > Diane
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