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8266Re: [FH] Hello all... cat just diagnosed...

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  • fewtch
    Nov 9, 2002
      --- In feline-heart@y..., diane <diane@m...> wrote:
      > She looks very intelligent! :)

      Thanks Diane... she just looks sick to me (compared to earlier
      pictures) although you're right, she's a very intelligent cat. Part
      blue-point siamese, part something else. Extremely affectionate too,
      although I've encountered few cats that aren't.

      > Kearra was 3.5 when dx'd. Mudgie was about 4.
      > Kearra threw a blood clot when she was 9 and went into heart
      > failure,
      > Mudgie is still with us and he's probably 8 or 9 now.
      > Don't give up yet!

      I won't... there are times when she seems to be almost her old self,
      and others when she goes under the bed and doesn't want to come out
      (that concerns me greatly... I associate it with a cat who is very
      unwell, maybe dying).

      Take Care,

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