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8246Re: [FH] Hello all... cat just diagnosed...

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  • diane
    Nov 8, 2002

      When the Melissa virus came out I disabled attachments. I was on a
      couple other lists that had allowed them and many members got viruses.

      But our group does have a photo album. Feel free to put up whatever
      you'd like and send us the link. We love pix. :)

      Here is the link to the album you can add to:


      >Thanks very much for the help... does this list allow Email
      >attachments like pictures? I might want to post a picture of
      >Penelope sometime (or I'll put it in the photos section), I think
      >I'll be turning to this list for help and advice. From what I've
      >read so far it looks like a wonderful, caring group.
      >Thanks again,
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