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8242RE: [FH] Hello all... cat just diagnosed...

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  • mdetate
    Nov 8, 2002
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      Bob is 8yrs old & had CHF 6/30/02 & diagnosed with HCM. He is doing
      well now & is on Atenolol, Cardizem, Furosemide, Potassium,
      Theophylline, Feline Cardiac Support & CoQ10. He gets 1/4 tab low dose
      (81mg) safety coated aspirin every 3 days. Bob weighs 9 1/2 lbs.
      Uncoated aspirin can cause gastric distress. A full tab of aspirin does
      seem high, but maybe others in this group will report. Good luck to you
      & Penelope.

      Lots of Kitty Kisses,
      Myra & Bob

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      Penelope (age around 5) was recently diagnosed with congestive heart
      failure & HCM. She's doing OK at the moment, is on Furosemide and
      Enalapril, and will be going on baby aspirin and Atenolol today.

      Is there anything I need to know with these latter two? The vet
      prescribed 81MG baby aspirin every 72 hours, but I don't want to risk
      giving that high a dose (she weighs about 9.5 pounds). Also, is
      there any additional risk of breathing difficulties with Atenolol,
      given lung congestion?

      Thanks for any help and suggestions, they're tremendously appreciated.


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