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8239Re: [FH] Hello all... cat just diagnosed...

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  • fewtch
    Nov 8, 2002
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      --- In feline-heart@y..., Lynnie Henderson <TheLinster@s...> wrote:
      > Hi Tim. I don't know about the Atenol, but the aspirin dose is
      > about right.
      > As long as you don't give it more than every 3 days, your cat will
      > metabolize it just fine.

      Thanks Lynnie... I'm still worried about a possible allergy or
      something (she's never taken aspirin before) so I might try 20 or
      30mg the first time to make sure she isn't allergic to it.

      The atenolol is a beta blocker for lowering blood pressure... I just
      wonder about the dosage (I never trust doctors, or vets completely...
      I like to read up & educate myself on this stuff, and then watch
      symptoms closely instead of just giving what a vet or doctor

      Thanks very much for the help... does this list allow Email
      attachments like pictures? I might want to post a picture of
      Penelope sometime (or I'll put it in the photos section), I think
      I'll be turning to this list for help and advice. From what I've
      read so far it looks like a wonderful, caring group.

      Thanks again,

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