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812Pebbles' ultrasound

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  • Voula Augerinos
    Oct 17, 2000
      Hello everyone,
      I just got back from the vet, and he will schedule an ultrasound to
      check Pebbles' heart later in the week. He is concerned about Pebbles'
      increased heart rate again, particularly in the past two weeks since
      Sachie left us.
      I am happy about getting the ultrasound done, but also scared at
      the results. But at least we will know.
      He's still not keen on Tapazole (or neo-mercazol here in
      Australia). He said some cats with kidney disease do okay, but others
      don't. He is open to a very small dosage if we exhaust all other options
      with herbs, homeopathy, etc.
      We had such good success with chinese herbs up until recently.
      Pebbles' heart rate was lowered successfully, her weight gaining and
      maintaining, other symptoms such as digestive upsets, diarrhea,
      constipation, vomiting, thirst, eased a lot. So he wants to use more or
      other herbs for the thyroid and kidneys, and try some for the heart too
      if need be. He said we could also give drugs to lower the heart rate,
      and try and protect the heart that way, whilst dealing with the other
      manifestations of the thyroid with herbs or other means.
      He said everything is a gamble with the two problems of hyperT and
      CRF, and there are no certainties. Effective treating of the heart means
      treating the thyroid, as that is the cause. The question is how to treat
      the thyroid effectively or enough so as to help the heart. So his goal
      is to try every other option before resorting to Tapazole. We will know
      more what is the best way when we get the results of the ultrasound.
      Love, Voula and Pebbles and my Beautiful Angel Sachie.