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8091Re: Precious diagnosed with Diabetes

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  • lpenny1960
    Nov 1, 2002

      I can offer lots of hope! One of my cats, Lucky, had two rounds of
      diabetes, along with other problems that included HCM. I was very
      shocked and scared, but we were able to manage it with twice-daily
      shots, Ketodiastix (strips to test for sugar and ketones in the
      urine), and lots of Internet research. The biggest thing to watch out
      for is hypoglycemia--giving too much insulin.

      Check out www.felinediabetes.com. There's an excellent message board
      and lots of useful information.

      As far as the HCM, cats can live for years. Kassy, 18, is hitting the
      5-year mark since diagnosis, with no progression at all. Lucky died
      this past summer from cancer, but her HCM never caused her any
      problems in the 4.5 years she had it.

      Let me know if you have more questions.

      Laura, Angel Lucky, Kassy, and Angel Annie
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