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  • Becky Houck
    Apr 4, 2000
      Hi Diane,
      So it's taken awhile for an answer. I had to work yesterday. Let's
      see....we got Merry when she was 3, and pregnant. She had a crash (that was
      mis-dx'ed) following the birth of the kittens. No, we wouldn't have allowed
      the pregnancy to continue if we had known how rough it was going to be on
      her. She'll be 8 in May and has been correctly dx'ed for over 3 years.
      Merry has quite a few outward signs, but is the toughest little cat that I
      have ever met. Even during her lastest crash(Oct-Dec) when she could only
      walks a few feet at a time, she refused to give up, regularly holding court
      on a cat tree in the front window while allowing her adoring fans to pay
      homage to her. For the chosen few, Merry awards the great honor of allowing
      them to hold her in her prescribed position of "up against your right
      shoulder, like a baby, keep moving, Merry doesn't like to just stand
      around" while she rubs her head in their hair and happily drools on them.
      Ahhh....the love of a cat.

      Merry is quite lucky. She simply stares at the store's checkbook, it falls
      open and starts paying her bills. However, the vet is quite generous in her
      charges toward Merry, and often stops by on a Sat. afternoon with whatever
      meds Merry needs. One of the hardest things has been keeping Merry
      eating(sounds familar, huh). I think that she has lost some of her sense of
      smell due to the mini-strokes. I took in a leftover can of a/d when Linus
      passed over, and now we have to buy it by the case for Merry. Most of the
      time she has to lap it slightly thinned with water(warm. of course) to keep
      her eating long enough to get a decent amount in her. However she has
      perfected her "feed me" stare to the point that customers often can tell
      what she wants.

      Is Kearra a breed? 3.5 years seems sooooo young doesn't it? Have you done
      an ultrasound?

      Once again, I've gotten long winded......

      Becky and Merry(plus the Spirit of Linus)

      At 11:31 AM 04/03/2000 -0400, you wrote:
      >Hi Becky,
      >How old is Merry? Kearra was dx'd when she was 3.5 yrs and I was
      >devestated! This was in 5/95, so it's been almost 5 years. She is on
      >Enacard now, but she started on Atenonol. We had (and still have) no
      >outward signs; it was at a physical that the vet noticed the murmer.
      >Have you found a better price for Enacard than the $25 the vet charges? The
      >Atenonal was cheap compared to this. :(
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