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790Re: [feline-heart] cardiomyopathy & kidney disease

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  • cynthia rausch
    Oct 7, 2000
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      Celia wrote:
      Her belly is distended with fluid, and she is lethargic and
      uncomfortable. She just started diltiazem for the heart. (Anyone else
      take this?) My vet did not want to give her lasix because of her
      kidneys. And I have to keep giving her fluids.

      Hi Celia,

      I'm sorry to hear about your sweet littleone. I'm sure they must
      do the same things to ferret too. I know that you have to be really
      careful with fluid thearpy with heart problems.

      How much does she weigh? And how much fluids are you giving her?
      What does she eat, wet or dry?

      You may want to ask your vet about giving a diuretic. I know that
      smaller doses of fluids and more often are suggested with kitty's
      with renal failure.

      Can you forward a copy of her blood values? This will help us better
      in helping you.

      Keep us posted,

      Cynthia, Taffy, Samuel
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