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777Re: [feline-heart] Vasotec, Tapezole and B-12

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  • cynthia rausch
    Sep 18, 2000
      brunobaby@... wrote:
      If anyone has a hyper-t cat, it will interest you to know that Tapezole
      is now available as a liquid. This will make for more precise measuring,
      since Phoebe has to get a third of a pill and Pongo slightly more than a
      quarter and less than a third, and those pills are tiny and hard to cut
      into odd fractions.

      Hi Melinda,

      It also comes in a cream.

      I live in Canada and I'm not sure where you can get it in the States.
      Most of the members on the HyperT list, use pharmacy that will make
      this up..

      Here's a link on the cream.


      I Hope this helps,

      Cynthia, Taffy, Samuel