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7625RE: [FH] saddle thrombisis

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  • Jonathan Rosenberg
    Oct 6, 2002
      Blood clots in cats most often head towards the rear of the cat. No one is
      sure why this is so.

      But, a clot can follow any artery & end up lodged pretty much anywhere.
      Clots in the front legs are not common, but they happen.

      Are you certain that blood clots are causing the symptoms you see?

      Jonathan Rosenberg
      Tabby (RB), Lynx (RB), Licorice, Tigger,
      Jet, Belle

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      > Subject: [FH] saddle thrombisis
      > hi,
      > I know that clots typically form in the back legs and tail with heart
      > problems in cats. how common is it for them to form in the front
      > legs. My cats problems started in his front legs and then moved to
      > his back legs which was what prompted me to take him to the vet. But
      > since his has been on medication he continues to have problems with
      > his front right paw. Anyone else have to deal with these type issues?
      > thanks, Jeff
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