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7610Re: saddle thrombisis

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  • Sally J.Smith
    Oct 3, 2002
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      Hi Jeff,

      Yes, is the short answer....do a search in the archives on "blood
      clots" and the like...one of our members, Jonathan Rosenberg had a
      kittie who had several clots and recovered... some other members have
      also reported having kitties recover from clots but it is not the
      norm, but it seems that blood clots have a wide range of severity and
      debilitation, and when possible, recovery...from hardly even knowing
      that it has happened, to the worst case scenario (PTS).

      One idea I remember reading about is that it is possible with these
      multiple incidents that what is going on is that one larger clot
      formed somewhere and bits of it break off and then get stuck, either
      temporarily or permanently...the theory is that this may be a natural
      process of the body trying to break down it's own clot, but I cannot
      remember where it is that I read that tidbit...

      Somewhere I think I also read about someone here in this
      group trying a new treatment/drug...sorry I'm not much help...I'm sure
      you'll run across it if you do a search...

      Good luck and please keep us posted!


      --- In feline-heart@y..., "mountainlight101" <mountainlight101@y...>
      > hi,
      > I know that clots typically form in the back legs and tail with
      > problems in cats. how common is it for them to form in the front
      > legs. My cats problems started in his front legs and then moved to
      > his back legs which was what prompted me to take him to the vet.
      > since his has been on medication he continues to have problems with
      > his front right paw. Anyone else have to deal with these type
      > thanks, Jeff
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