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7286mild HCM, alternative treatment

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  • Anna Ingre
    Sep 9, 2002
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      I have just jointed this group after spending several years on CRF groups
      for another cat,.

      My cat Orrie has just been diagnosed with mild HCM (echocardiogram) and we
      are trying to determine whether his rapid breathing, which fortunately
      seems to be improving quite a bit over the last couple of days has to do
      with allergy, infection, the HCM, etc. (the ex-ray was inconclusive).

      I wondered if anyone had any experience treating HCM with herbs,
      supplements, homeopathy, etc. I am not opposed in principle to allopathic
      medications but would like to know if there alternative methods from the
      calcium channel blocker suggested.

      If anyone has information about this or could suggest good places to get
      this information I would be most grateful.


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