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7221Re: grieving and sharing

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  • tori
    Sep 1, 2002
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      I'm grieving for Missy too. When the end is so unexpected I think the trauma
      must be horrible. I know jcee can't stay with me forever, but I live in fear
      that he will have an "emergency" and I will have to let him go not in his
      home but in an emergency room. I'm so sorry. She is out of her pain and
      confusion and will be waiting for you in the great forever.

      But I'd also like to say that people who have spent lots of time on this
      board have been so helpful to me in so many ways. I hate to lose them and
      their support/experience once their needs have changed. I understand
      completely since it can be such a painful board. There isn't a week goes by
      that I don't shed a tear for someones lost child. It is a tough thing to
      experience even through email. I hope people do continue to visit, in the
      memories of their kittens. I've found tremendous solidarity here. Just
      wanted to say that. And thank you. Especially Linda who has been so visible
      and supportive.

      hugs to you all.

      tori and jcee