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663RE: [feline-heart] RE EXPENSES

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  • Helen Coughtrie
    Aug 5, 2000
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      Dear Melody,

      This is absolutely outrageous especially as it concerns professionals who
      are there to help animals.

      Are there any animal welfare bodies in your area that could help you with
      low cost treatment, etc? In the UK there is the PDSA (People's Dispensary
      for Sick Animals) who provide treatment for those on low income - it doesn't
      cover everything but it does help some in dire need. I cannot believe that
      your vet would hold onto Bella until you came up with the cash - it has a
      distinct gangster feel to it.

      Perhaps there is a vet who operates a instalment payment plan or something
      near you that would be easier for you.

      Take care


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      \I was off the list and just came back today...I had to comment on this
      because of what happened yesterday...

      Just yesterday, Bella was held for ransomed while I rushed to my bank to get
      more money. it was leave her or her medicine...and I can honestly say, this
      is a continuation of a pattern of greedy vets who care nothing for our cats
      unless they are a cash cow that doesn't stop for a second.

      Sadly this isn't the first incident and it doesn't matter here in the
      Dallas area who the vet is apparently...maybe some of you are in a financial
      position to bear this burden but most of us are not so we just do our
      best... I can cite you a number of horror stories.....I will supply chapter
      and verse to anyone who writes me privately ----- Original Message -----

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