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  • peteycat9
    Aug 2, 2002
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      Hi Debbi,
      I am very sorry about your loss of WOJO. I know the pain you are
      in. I too lost my cat to blood clots due to Cardiomyopathy, last
      month. My cat Checkers was only a year and a half! Unfortunately,
      his clots went to his brain and in the end, we were advised to let
      him go. He acted totally normal until the day he collasped. It was
      one of the most horrible experiences I have ever been through. I'm
      gaining as much knowledge about this disease as I can since I have
      other cats. I still can't believe I didn't "catch" this since I am
      the type of person that notices everything. The only tiny clue I
      have now (hindsight is great), is that Checkers lapped his water real
      slowly. Someone on this board had mentioned that symptom and
      speculated it may have been due to the chest pressure they feel.
      Because I acquired him as an 8 month old stray and he always did
      this, I thought it was one of his "quirks". As a young stray, he was
      real "weary" and walked with an unsteady gait when he came to my
      door, but I figured it was because he was real hungry. After I began
      to care for him, he perked right up and walked completely normal.
      The vet that examined, vaccinated, and neutered him never detected a
      thing. Checkers was absolutely beautiful. His coat was dense and
      shiney. His eyes were crystal clear. As he developed into an adult,
      he filled out nicely and maintained a perfect weight. He looked like
      a cat that was the very picture of health. He never skipped a meal,
      threw up or had any litter box problems. Even the day he went into
      heart failure, his x-rays showed "nothing" and that vet reported
      there was "no murmur" and that his "heart rate was normal!" Explain
      that! I didn't believe this cat could possibly have a heart
      problem. Even the one vet at the hospital was questioning the
      findings and told me that they would have to do a cardiac ultrsound
      to find out for sure about his heart. It wasn't until they did a
      necropsy (autopsy) that they saw significant thickening INSIDE his
      heart, hence why it looked unremarkable on the x-ray. I was told
      that with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, there may be NO murmur. Only
      the cardiac ultrasound will pick up the problem with a lot of these
      cats. And how many vets would do an ultrasound as part of a regular
      check-up? And unfortunately for us, we had no clue of his disease
      until a blood clot did it's damage. I have read that once a cat
      throws a clot, even if they can save it's life, the likelyhood of an
      other clot happening is very likely, even with the blood thinners. I
      believe you were given good advise to let WOJO go. I watched my guy
      get a clot to his brain and that is heart wrenching. Because the
      vets didn't know that right away (they had to stabilize his breathing
      before they could examine him)he suffered for a day in that hospital
      before we got the call to let him go. How I wish we knew right away
      that he couldn't be saved. The guilt and second guessing ouselves
      and the vets has been a constant with me too. Hopefully with time,
      we both will stop beating ourselves up. Take care Debbie and know
      that I will be thinking about you.
      > Hello-
      > I came as a guest and read some posts and now joined this group.
      > am more confused and
      > feeling guilty since reading about heart disease. I know nothing
      > about heart diseases because I never
      > had a cat who had heart trouble. A few days ago, my 11 year old,
      > pound cat
      > WOJO who - never missed a meal or acted ill in any way - who had a
      > yearly checkup, dentistry and bloodwork only 9 months ago - was
      > laying at the bottom of the stairs unable to use his back legs and
      > was breathing rapidly and noisily (moist?)- it took about 10
      > to get to the vet and his gums and feet were already turning blue.
      > was put in an Oxygen tank and it was not helping him. This was a
      > who got totally stressed out and turned into a Bengal tiger at the
      > vet. But, just the same morning, he was on the kitchen counter
      > to steal a piece of bologna and 5 or so hours later he was in
      > suddenly. He had no pulse in either of his back legs, so no blood
      > flow (nails were cut past the quick) and his lungs were full of
      > or heart, I am not even sure what the vet said now - I was and
      > am in a state of shock. I wasn't offered any options that seemed
      > humane to do for him plus he was a cat who was hard to work on and
      > the prognosis was presented to me so grimly that I put him to
      > I wish I had known something, anything about heart conditions. This
      > crisis came from nowhere - no clues, no signs or odd behaviours
      > my cat. I recently lost 2 cats to CRF and Wojo now - I have other
      > cats and am in a panic that this happened so fast and so
      > Wojo never exhibited clues to any illness. I hope I am not
      > anyone but I need to ask - when a cat - my vet said Cardiomyopathy
      > and something about a clot- gets to the crisis point??? Could I
      > done something for him? I was in a state of ignorance and he was in
      > such distress - if anyone can help me find some answers, too late
      > Wojo but I NEED to know, I would be so grateful. During a yearly
      > is there something I should request to be done that isn't done
      > normally?
      > I hope I have not upset anyone for it was not my intention -
      > Praying for all kitties,
      > Debbi
      > Angel Screamer - Angel Jasmine - Angel WOJO
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