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  • Debbie Graham
    Aug 1, 2002
      I may be wrong and someone will correct me, but I think when a cat develops a clot, it goes to the hind legs and the odds aren't good at all, in fact my feline cardiologist said usually that's the end stage, the clots break off from the heart and lodge in the hind leg area. I almost sure it was on this list someone's cat did survive a hind leg clot and I hope I'm right and they could also answer you question.
      felinefine2day wrote:Hello-
      I came as a guest and read some posts and now joined this group. I
      am more confused and
      feeling guilty since reading about heart disease. I know nothing
      about heart diseases because I never
      had a cat who had heart trouble. A few days ago, my 11 year old, 14
      pound cat
      WOJO who - never missed a meal or acted ill in any way - who had a
      yearly checkup, dentistry and bloodwork only 9 months ago - was
      laying at the bottom of the stairs unable to use his back legs and
      was breathing rapidly and noisily (moist?)- it took about 10 minutes
      to get to the vet and his gums and feet were already turning blue. He
      was put in an Oxygen tank and it was not helping him. This was a cat
      who got totally stressed out and turned into a Bengal tiger at the
      vet. But, just the same morning, he was on the kitchen counter trying
      to steal a piece of bologna and 5 or so hours later he was in crisis
      suddenly. He had no pulse in either of his back legs, so no blood
      flow (nails were cut past the quick) and his lungs were full of fluid
      or heart, I am not even sure what the vet said now - I was and still
      am in a state of shock. I wasn't offered any options that seemed
      humane to do for him plus he was a cat who was hard to work on and
      the prognosis was presented to me so grimly that I put him to sleep.
      I wish I had known something, anything about heart conditions. This
      crisis came from nowhere - no clues, no signs or odd behaviours from
      my cat. I recently lost 2 cats to CRF and Wojo now - I have other
      cats and am in a panic that this happened so fast and so undetected.
      Wojo never exhibited clues to any illness. I hope I am not upsetting
      anyone but I need to ask - when a cat - my vet said Cardiomyopathy
      and something about a clot- gets to the crisis point??? Could I have
      done something for him? I was in a state of ignorance and he was in
      such distress - if anyone can help me find some answers, too late for
      Wojo but I NEED to know, I would be so grateful. During a yearly exam-
      is there something I should request to be done that isn't done
      I hope I have not upset anyone for it was not my intention -
      Praying for all kitties,
      Angel Screamer - Angel Jasmine - Angel WOJO

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