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  • Lise M MacGregor
    Jul 31, 2002
      First of all I want to sincerely thank every one of you for all your
      concern, support, and helpful advice concerning Harriet. We are taking it
      hour by hour...she is still very weak today and not at all interested in
      food, however we are assist feeding her since last night...we are going
      slow at first so as not to tax her too much since she has had basically
      nothing to eat the last several days......we are giving only a teaspoon
      or so 3 times a day to start......she resists and struggles even in her
      weakened state but it is something we have to do....she is on her second
      day of Tumil-k, and now the remedy Lauro so I hope and pray for some
      positive changes...I realize her little heart is probably giving out but
      I will not rest until I have done everything possible....her breathing is
      not rapid and labored any more, but rather slow and shallow probably due
      to her present condition.....her little eyes still look so detached and
      weary...I am trying to be ready for whatever happens but it is sooo
      tough.....I talk to her gently as much as I can to assure her we love her
      and are trying to help her ( I just wish she understood), but if she
      feels it is her time then I tell her that is ok,...I am hoping this is
      just a crisis and our aggressive intervention( we are doing all we can)
      will help it pass......but in the meantime please keep your thoughts and
      prayers with us for Harriets recovery.....thank you again for all your
      concern and encouragement.
      Hanging in there,
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