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635Boo Boo was admitted to the animal medical hospital at 1AM She is still there,

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  • earina613@aol.com
    Aug 1, 2000
      Hi Everyone and thank you all so much for replying to my emergency email last
      night so quickly!!! I don't know what I would do without you guys!!!!!!
      Boo Boo's breathing last night didn't change and when I counted her breathing
      she had ~60 or per min and then I knew for sure she was in trouble. Thanks
      Vuola for providing me with normal breathing and heart measurements. And
      thanks to everyone who gave me so much support and help when I needed it
      She is in the hospital since last night and my bill came out to $910.00 I was
      wondering if anyone else gest bills like that???? How can I keep the cost
      down, this is becoming too much for me to handle. i am a full time college
      student and I have a part time job only and I am getting deeper and deeper
      into debt. How often is this going to happen????
      What precautions or tools, or medicine or herbs should I have to lower my vet
      visits in order to avoid such high bills????
      can the fluid in the lungs be controlled or am I going to take her to
      emergency rooms a lot?
      would an oxygen box if I rent it be a good investment for me and lower the
      cost of my vet bills??
      She had an emergency 7/26/00 which was last week and the bill was 600.00
      They said she might have to stay overnight again, I don't know what to do????
      is it necessary to leave her at the hospital again? I love her so much and
      will do everything I can for her but the bills are just soooooooooooo
      hight!!! How can I cut down on the bills without hurting her???
      They took xrays last week of her lungs but I think they want to take more
      xrays and more blood works, but she also had blood works done 7/17/00 I am
      not sure if there is a need for more blood works, can blook change in so
      little time???
      Please help me, do I have options or other alternatives to keep the vet cost
      down a bit this is just sooooooooooo expensive and I have to do it all on my
      own adn that is why I am so concerned. Please help!!!
      Thanks for everything.

      Irina and Boo Boo
      URL to My Boo Boo's site !
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