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5820Update on Tibs: Thanks to all

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  • vickitequila
    Jun 1, 2002
      Hello again, I just wanted to let you all know about the last few
      days and thankyou all for your support and advice. Some of you even
      emailed me individually and I've been really touched and encouraged
      by your support.

      I took Tibs to the vets again and asked her about all the
      alternatives you all mentioned. She offered me alternative meds but
      told me in her opinion he would react badly to them again - the
      stroke was caused by the stress as much as the pills - and that
      though he was doing much better after the stroke (just a wee wobble
      in the hind legs) she was very concerned that he wouldn't last
      another week left how he was. His heart rate was extremely rapid.
      Surgery was also a very high risk from the anaesthetic but all
      options weighed, it was really his only chance at recovery. She
      later admitted to me she hadn't expected him to survive.

      Anyway, it broke my heart but I agreed to the surgery. They removed
      the over-active part of his thyroid. The vet told me later that
      she'd never seen one like it; it was 4 times the size it should have
      been. It turns out we got there at the right time. Against all odds
      he was stable and came through the surgery - when I picked him up
      that night you'd never have thought he'd been through all that! He's
      got a nasty looking scar and they cut some of his whiskers off by
      mistake when they shaved his neck, but otherwise he looks just fine.
      I've told him its a Beckham cut but he's still not happy with his
      new do!

      Anyway, he's home and happy and his heart rate is still high but
      dropping. We can't give him post-op meds because of the stress
      factor, so I'm just taking it easy and keeping it very calm around
      the house. (No hoovering 'cause he's scared of it - what a great
      excuse!) He's had his check-up and he's making very good progress.
      We just need to keep an eye on his calcium levels now, but I'm
      hoping for no more complications. I'm just happy to have him home.

      I asked about the cod liver oil and they told me there was no toxity
      in them at all. He's been taking them for years since he had a
      problem with his coat and fur falling out. He takes hormone
      supplements to help him with that too. I've stopped giving him them
      for the time being though and I'll definately look into it further.

      Thanks to everyone for your support and prayers, I'm sure they've