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  • zellenesa
    May 6, 2002
      Just catching up with this thread. I no longer vaccinate Widgie. If I
      had an outdoor cat, I would get the Purevax rabies vaccine, which
      does not contain the preservative believed to cause VAS in cats. The
      vet may have to special order it. Make sure the shot is given in a
      leg, not the scruff of the neck. There are many instances on the
      feline cancer list where a kitty had to have a leg amputated due to
      VAs...better a 3 legged cat than a dead one.

      My vet does not routinely give leukemia vaccs either. My Jubi is FIV+
      and already immune compromised and hasn't been vaccinated in years.
      If my vet insisted, I would ONLY give rabies because it's the law,
      though I would beg for the sick animal exemption.

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