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537Re: [feline-heart] Digest Number 75

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  • Laura Penny
    Jul 15, 2000
      I think "dig" means digoxin.

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      From: Miguel &Linda Irrgang <irrgang@...>
      To: feline-heart@egroups.com <feline-heart@egroups.com>
      Date: Saturday, July 15, 2000 5:24 PM
      Subject: Re: [feline-heart] Digest Number 75

      >I know that I'm showing my ignorance but what is dig?
      >gran_patti wrote:
      >> Dear Pat P. (and princess) You asked if it was worth the stress to
      >> her dig levels. What kind of stress are you talking about, the stress
      >> the trip to the vet? Or the stress of the needle stick? in my opinion,
      >> I am not a vet, I wonder if the open mouth breathing can be ignored? Is
      >> there a way you can have her checked to rule out fluid in her pleural
      >> Usually done by x-ray or ultrasound. What are her lab values describing
      >> elements in her blood? The needle stick itself could be done at home if
      >> could find a traveling vet or a vet tech would be less expense and have
      >> blood drawn at home. The xray or ultrasound to investigate the open
      >> breathing (actually a vet with a stethoscope could get some kind of
      >> of wheter her lungs were filling and expelling air) But these last
      >> would probably require travel to an offfice? In my experience, open
      >> breathing comes to indicate pretty important information about how she is
      >> doing. In my case also there were remissions in the open mouthed
      >> What I have learned about dig is that if the levels are not monitored
      >> carefully toxicity could become a reality. Overall considering the
      >> mouthed breathing episodes, being on dig, the agitation, it might be to
      >> best interests to get a little more information but I don't know what
      >> of stress and its reactions you will be getting. You know her and can
      >> better assess her tolerance for travel and xrays and blood sticks. Why
      >> don't you ask your vet given these symptoms wshe is showing would a
      >> blood test be enough to assess her condition? If so you might be able to
      >> find a tec or nurse or someone who could come and draw the blood at home
      >> then you could rush it to the clinic for ananlysis. I guess , based on
      >> experience, that the open mouth breathing might be too important to
      >> Do you have an animal ememrbency clinic where you could call and ask them
      >> their opinion about the breathing and they could ask you for enough
      >> to help you with a considered medical opinion. But I think you are
      >> to have gone on "alert" . Please let me know how this all works out,
      >> these are such familiar scenarios, and I truly want you to be able to
      >> her come through these developments. My very best good luck wishes and
      >> know that Lilli would be right in there saying go for it. Please keep
      >> in your loop. Love and hugs Patti and Angel Lilli the newest veteran of
      >> war of hearts. P.s. I forgot to mention do you know how to check her
      >> "color" ? Look at the color of her tongue, gums , nose. They should be
      >> pink if they are not pink but some grey, or white or dark purple or light
      >> purple shade and these shades are not what she normally has
      representing a
      >> change in her ability to oxygenate herself, your vet could help you
      >> how to use your observation. Have you learned how to count her
      >> respiration's? Count l for each time she draws her breath in, You can
      >> the rise and fall of her diaphragm. You need to know how many times she
      >> does it in one minute. I used to count for l5 seconds and then multiply
      >> 4. Also the quality of each breath, does it appear that she is working
      >> to get her chest to rise and fall or her diaphragm to suck air into her
      >> lungs or expel it from them and is that different for her. That is
      >> information to give your vet who can help you develop your approach. I
      >> bought a stethoscope and learned to count the number of times I heard her
      >> heart beat(again I counted for 15 seconds and then multiplied by four)
      >> a record so you'll learn what is normal for her so you can immediately
      >> detect any deviation and can seek vet advice. Hang in there, This will
      >> become second nature to you and you will feel more secure(at least I did)
      >> knowing you have the ability to detect early and develop an early
      >> system with your vet. We love your Princess she sounds like ---- well,
      >> like a Princess. and a very much loved one. good luck to you and we
      >> here if you need to talk-- I have learned how much it helps from my
      >> experiences on this list It was a godsend for me. I hope I can help,
      >> I was helped. with love Patti and Angel Lilli
      >> ----- Original Message -----
      >> From: <PPerez5239@...>
      >> To: <feline-heart@egroups.com>
      >> Sent: Tuesday, July 11, 2000 3:54 PM
      >> Subject: Re: [feline-heart] Digest Number 75
      >> > Dear Patti,
      >> > I am very new to this list, and I've only posted a few times. Your
      >> to
      >> > Lilli was so beautiful and from the " heart."
      >> > My cat, Princess, started with some open mouth breathing yesterday.
      >> > hadn't done that since March. The vet wants to test her digioxin
      >> but
      >> > I don't want to stress her out with the blood test. Does anyone know
      >> it's
      >> > worth putting her through the trauma of the blood stick to increase the
      >> > amount of digioxin she is receiving? She is much better today. She
      >> > getting agitated yesterday when it was time for her afternoon meds.
      >> so
      >> > sad. I can't even cradle her because she thinks I going to jam a pill
      >> > syringe done her throat. Thanks for your help. Pat Perez
      >> > (Pat P.)
      >> >
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