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532Re: [feline-heart] Digest Number 75

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  • Beverly A Ford
    Jul 15, 2000
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      Dear Pat.
      Digoxin help the heart to beat more efficiently therefore a blood test will
      tell her levels and if the are not in a therapeutic level then medication
      adjustment is necessary. I know Midas doesn't really like blood tests, but
      really who of us humans do either. Only you know how much you are willing to
      put Princess through. No one should judge you if you chose not too, but I am
      a nurse and I wanted to let you know from a medically oriented person why
      the vet suggest this. I hope this little note has been a help.

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      > Dear Patti,
      > I am very new to this list, and I've only posted a few times. Your tribute
      > Lilli was so beautiful and from the " heart."
      > My cat, Princess, started with some open mouth breathing yesterday. She
      > hadn't done that since March. The vet wants to test her digioxin levels,
      > I don't want to stress her out with the blood test. Does anyone know if
      > worth putting her through the trauma of the blood stick to increase the
      > amount of digioxin she is receiving? She is much better today. She was
      > getting agitated yesterday when it was time for her afternoon meds. It's
      > sad. I can't even cradle her because she thinks I going to jam a pill or
      > syringe done her throat. Thanks for your help. Pat Perez
      > (Pat P.)
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