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5258Re: [FH] Re: For shock, trauma and loss

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  • Lynnie Henderson
    Apr 2, 2002
      Actually, Rescue Remedy contains both Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem, plus
      Clematis, Impatiens and Cherry Plum. The combination is designed to not only
      relieve fear and anxiety, but also to treat other possible results of trauma
      (anger, restlessness, etc.). Much simpler just to use Rescue Remedy!
      >   After looking thru my reference materials, I would say that Rescue
      > Remedy is perfectly fine to use if you have nothing else. But if you
      > have access to the remedies, ROCK ROSE is specifically formulated for
      > Terror and I think this is probably how most felines feel about
      > heading out to the vet's so it would also be a good one to use on the
      > way to the vet's. On the way home, Rescue remedy or Star of Bethlehem
      > is good as well.
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