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50435rapid breathing??

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  • vt_hoki
    Aug 20, 2014

      We came home yesterday to find Jinx breathing around 40/min, but otherwise normal. The breathing wasn't really labored, but not quite normal either. He was due for his evening dose of Lasix (4mg liquid), so I gave him that and hoped his breathing would normalize. It did not, so I took him into our vet. He checked out otherwise totally fine. Heart sounded good, no lung sounds, color good, etc. The x-rays machine was down, so it was just a physical exam. At home he is sleeping on his side (not sitting like a meatloaf), eating fine, not vomiting. He is up and around, though maybe less active than normal. Over the weekend he was so active, I took toys away for fear of overexertion. The recommendation of our regular vet was to give an extra dose of Lasix, which we did, and it seemed to not really do much. It just seems odd. I left a message for the specialist this morning, but curious if any of you have seem something like this and what was the action taken.


      Kelly and Mr Jinx

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