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50419Re: Millie - Diagnosed today,

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  • Elfinmyst
    Aug 14 10:33 AM
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      I am sorry to hear of Millie, it is difficult to treat both but not impossible. Your on a good starter drug that helps both conditions and the lasix will help the fluid but you may need at some point to add fluids as well to balance. Don't listen to the prognosis, my Trixi was given 3 months and that was 8 YEARS ago!! So enjoy every day and give Millie lots of cuddles.
      The important thing is to deal with the fluid on the lungs, so you should be monitoring breathing. Count for 10 seconds when she is lightly asleep and note the number. It should be under 30 which is ok. Over 30 is caution and over 40 is emergency. Also you are looking for  change, so get her breathing on record with a camera. Double breaths (Trixi demonstrated last week)  open mouth, pulling in stomach are all red flags. Once the fluid is under control it's a lot easier. 

      Did they say she was at risk of clots? You may need to add a tablet or supplement for that if needed. 

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